Customer Journey

What happens after I request my FREE design consultation?

When you contact us, your customer journey begins. First we set an appointment with our design team.  The first step is to visit and see the location to better assess your space, needs and to understand the design you are seeking.

After a thorough analysis, based on your desires, we like to meet with you at our design center. We will show you a computer generated drawing of the proposed project and samples of products that fit your dreams.  At this stage we will make adjustments as desired.

Your designer will then set the schedule for work to begin. We work closely with all of our suppliers and building teams to ensure that your project runs according to schedule.  During this process, your designer will remain in contact with you daily to give you updates and expectations for the day.

Once complete, just sit back and enjoy your beautiful new space, designed specifically for and around you.

Please Note: The beauty of custom cabinetry is the amount of detail that goes into each and every piece.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes put us behind in our scheduling.  We try to keep on schedule as much as possible, but sometimes we are unable to do so.  In an effort to provide the quality work that we demand for our customers, we simply cannot rush through any of the steps during the build process.  As the customer, we are sure that you can appreciate this extra care that we take in making sure that your cabinets are built to your satisfaction.  This is why we try to keep you updated as much as possible.